Brad Verrier

Ep57 – Ready Or Not

Ahhhhh aren’t in-laws the best? If it’s not an overzealous mother in law wearing a wedding dress on your wedding day, it’s an entire family trying to kill you thanks to a deal they made with the devil. If there is anything we learned this week it’s if you’ve got new family, don’t agree to a game of hide and seek with them. Ready or not, here we come – with beer!

Speaking of, we went with our good friends <a href=“”>Latitude 33 Brewing</a> since we missed them, and enjoyed a coconut coffee porter by the name of Native Trails. Gotta admit, it’s nice not having an IPA 2 episodes in a row!

Ep55 – Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

After being on the controversial book list for 3 decades and still running, some genius thought it was a good idea to make it a movie! That genius happens to be one of our favorites, Guillermo Del Toro and his pal André Øvredal. Come with us and grab a coldie as we discuss the books that haunted our childhood now turned into full on cinematic horror made for a new generation.
The beverage for this episode is a sneak peek called ‘pHazed And Confused’, a hazy IPA from our pal Jim McKeever and his newly made 8Five8 Brewing Company.

Ep54 – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

It’s new Quentin Tarantino season, folks! As one of our favorite film makers puts his (possibly) second to last work of art out, we celebrate by diving deep into the 3 hour joyride that is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Fair warning, this one is spoiler filled, so if you haven’t seen it don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The beverage for this episode is Pool Party Haze, made by <a href=“”>Novo Brazil Brewing</a> a nice hazy IPA with some pretty wild can art. Check them out!

Ep 53 – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Just like Peter Parker a little vacation was needed; but now we’re back with web shooters and Peter Tingles at the ready! We swing into Spider-Man: Far From Home with a couple of delightful brews from <a href=“”>Coronado Brewing</a> and talk about some pretty spoilers stuff. Be warned!

Ep52 – Detective Pikachu

Where to even begin with this one… Maybe with “we tried”? How do you review a movie that can’t really be reviewed? Detective Pikachu is hands down one of the weirdest movies we’ve ever seen, so we brought in some help: Master Brewer Jim McKeever. We try to explain to Jim what we experienced, and he just gave us more of his delightful beer and told us some great stories about his time in the film industry. Fair warning, we probably talk more about anything else than the indescribable movie, so consider yourself warned before you think of us as Pokémon Masters!

Ep51 – Avengers: Endgame

Not even 10 years, 22 movies, and 1.2 billion dollars worldwide could prepare you for this episode! We’re gonna get info Avengers: Endgame, and for the love of god if you don’t have any common sense let’s be clear here: We’re gonna get spoilery. Literally everything to spoil, we talk about it. No joke, Bruce Willis was dead the WHOLE time. Consider yourself warned!

The beverage we were handed down from on high is worthy of Thor; a delightful west coast IPA called Paddle Battle from our friends at Shred. We will have more from these fine gentlemen soon, so keep an eye out for these wizards of beer!

Ep50 – Shazam! & Pet Sematary

We’ve been gone for a couple of weeks so we’re giving you double the R&B dose! You know, 2 movies – 1 episode.

We go over the remake of ‘Big’ that finally puts DC back on track with Shazam! And then we tackle -another- remake of the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary. And yes, neckbeards, ‘Sematary’ is the correct spelling.

The beverage we were soaked in for this one is a joint venture of 2 of our friends: <a href=“”>Coronado Brewing</a> & <a href=“”>Belching Beaver</a>. Their union produced a very tasty hazy IPA called ‘Tail & Tooth’ that we rather enjoyed!

Ep49 – Us

You could say Jordan Peele has a charmed life. Hit TV show? Check. 2 out of the blue horror movies that are critically acclaimed and fresh takes on the genre? Double check. On top of that he’s re-making The Twilight Zone?! That’s one busy dude! So we don’t feel like lazy asses compared to Mr Peele, let’s chat about his latest offering ‘Us’ while having a coldie.

We finally, FINALLY finished our <a href=“”>Mason Ale Works</a> stash with a blonde sour they call Bandit Queen: a very rare barrel aged delight that only 1500 bottles exist!

Ep48 – Captain Marvel

Let’s be real here, folks. Brie Larsen wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt for the bulk of a movie is a pretty safe way to get us in a theater. How does she stack up as the cosmic warrior that will -spoiler alert- eventually kick some Thanos ass and make a sad Spider-Man un-Snapped? Grab a coldie and reminisce with all the 90’s nostalgia porn you can handle while we dive into how a pager can summon the most powerful super hero in the universe.

The beverage we went with on this intergalactic journey is a tasty treat from our friends at <a href=“”>Coronado Brewing</a> called Leisure Lagoon; a hazy pale ale.

The Anniversary / The Oscars

Can you believe it? Reviews & Brews officially turns 1!!! A whole year of our terrible jokes and self depreciating humor all for your entertainment, Casual Listener! We celebrate in the worst way possible by watching and chatting about this years Oscars, and oh boy this year’s was a doozy.

The beverage for this episode comes from our new friends <a href=“https://www.”>AleSmith</a> and their fresh out of the lab Juice Stand Hazy IPA; a beer where the name says it all because this bad boy is JUICY. So come along, grab a coldie, and struggle bus with us as we try to figure out how we got here as a species, with beer of course!