Brad Verrier

Ep 43 – Bird Box

Poor Sandra Bullock. It seems that everywhere she goes something terrible follows her. If it’s not mad bombers, or booby trapped yatchs, or ghost like entities that posses you by looking at them, it’s being linked to Netflix’s biggest movie hit yet. Is it worth watching though? Blindfold optional on this listen, but make sure you bring a coldie.

The beverage for this episode is a collaborative effort from <a href=“”>Modern Times</a> called Comfort Zone: an American style IPA that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Best of 2018

A very special episode where we do the predictable thing: our favorite movies (and beers) of the year! Ken’s #1 movie of the year may surprise you, because it shocked Brad.

A special episode requires a special beer, and for that Brad busted out a long saved Quadruple Barrel Big Bad Baptist; the best coffee/choclate stout on the planet from the one and only <a href=“”>Epic Brewing</a>. So come along for surprises, and utter predictability!

Ep42 – Aquaman

It’s about to get a whole lot wetter in here…

Join us if, you dare, as we attempt to actually talk about the adventures of Arthur Curry aka the Aquaman as he plows through armies of CGI water creatures including crab people. CRAB PEOPLE! Seriously there’s crab people in this movie. If that doesn’t entice you, well maybe a constantly soaked Khal Drogo will.

We needed heroic beverages for this movie, so we turned to our saviors (again) <a href=“”>Division 23</a> to quench our thirsts. And no, the beer wasn’t CGI. But the crab people were real…

Ep41 – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

If you would have said that a couple of drunks would be glowing and raving about an animated kids movie, we probably would have said “yeah… sounds about right”. We have a lot to say about this hyper-stylized masterpiece all about 5 Spider-People coming together for the greater good. So grab a coldie and lets be kids again while we go over what will for sure be a legendary film. As the saying goes… With great beer comes great drinkability!

Speaking of, <a href=“”>Division 23</a> sent us a Marzen that was crushable but zany enough to accompany this movie. Check them out in their tucked away paradise if you’re ever out in San Diego!

Ep40 – Creed 2

It’s time to bust those boxing gloves out of the attic and start hitting the bag again as we dive into yet another film in the Rocky universe. Bring a beverage though, as we have some choice things to say about this unnecessary sequel and we don’t want you to throw in the towel.

The beer for this episode was a mind blowing dream in a can: <a href=“”>Abnormal Beer Co’s</a> Hazy Dreams – an otherworldly hazy IPA.

Ep38 – Overlord

A small ragtag group goes up against insurmountable odds as they discover an evil secret that… blah blah blah yada yada yada… Yeah you’ve heard this a million times before. Go get your beverage and your best Nazi-Zombie slaying gear, and let’s chat about Overlord.

The beverage for this episode is an ode to how we like to support local businesses every chance we get, which is why we went to our good friends

<a href=“”>Pariah Brewing</a>for their amazing #SupportLocal IPA.

Ep37 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Tonight, we’re gonna have ourselves a good time!
Not even the notoriously troubled production history of the anticipated Queen bio-pic could keep us away. So come along, fire your director, pop in your teeth prosthetics, grab a coldie, and crank this one to 11!
We continued to whittle our Mason Ale Works: “” stash down with 2 delicious brews: Will Time – a belgian style White Ale, and Jambi – a W.C. style IPA.

Ep36 – Halloween

Everyone have their Strode-Bunkers and beverages ready? Good! Let’s gab about an unnecessary sequel/prequel penned by Kenny Powers himself and his friend David Gordon Green that should have never worked… but kinda does?
For this episode the infamous Thorn Brewing: “” hooked us up with Mystic Gnome, a tasty and seshy IPA, ; as well as their delicious hazy IPA Hopster Pot.

Ep 35 – Bad Times At The El Royale

Folks, we here at Reviews & Brews believe that honesty is the best policy… And the truth is that Mason Ale Works: “” straight up got us drunk for this episode. They gave us a literal ton of incredibly high point, delicious beverages to go along with our chat about El Royale which makes for, well, not exactly the most productive episode we’ve ever done. If that’s your speed, then grab a coldie and struggle with us while chatting about Drew Goddard’s new flick at your own peril.

Ep 34 – Venom

If you take a skittish reporter. Subtract a Spider-Man. Add an alien symbiote that takes over said reporter but Spider-Man is still not in this movie, does it still stand a chance? We grabbed some coldies and bounced to the theater to see our buddy Tom Hardy figure out if an all out CGI Venom fest movie can work.
The beverages for this episode were from Culture Brewing: “” which included the American Pils and a Coffee IPA which was so good it made us think we were crazy with an alien parasitic organism.