Brad Verrier

Ep29 – Eighth Grade

Who’s ready for the most awkward review of the most awkward movie ever!? Grab a beverage and listen to us struggle relating to being a kid growing up in the digital age (spoiler, it gets awkward).
Pariah Brewing’s Refill Material ( is our personal choice for this episode. Check out the can art, you might see why we chose it for this one.

Ep28 – The Meg

Jason Statham puts his diving skills to the test to rescue oceanographers that are trapped beneath a chemical thermal cloud in the bottom of the Mariana Trench…. Hey! Are you still reading? Yeah let’s be real it’s a movie about a gigantic shark. Grab a coldie and we can fill you in on the rest!
The beer for this episode is a revisit to one of our favorite places Societe Brewing for another feral ale called The Swindler. Scope more info about it here:

Ep 27 – Christopher Robin

Who wants to see Christopher Robin go through a midlife crisis?! We did! Who wants to drink beer and talk about it?! We do! So grab a coldie and see if Disney’s attempt with playing on your nostalgic heartstrings will drop you into a deeper depression (spoiler: it probably will. Cheerio!
The beverage for this episode was Second Chance’s “Clever Hoppy Name” Pale Ale. Find out more about this tasty brew here:

Ep 26 – Mission Impossible: Fallout

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to never see this trailer ever again and drink some beer with us! The latest Tom Cruise suicide mission gave us tons to talk about, so tune in to see what we thought about this action packed masterpiece. The beer for this episode was Societe Brewing’s The Highbinder, a delightful wine barrel aged feral ale that we enjoyed quite a bit. Find out more on their awesome setup here:

Ep25 – Sorry To Bother You

Where to even begin with this one… Well, I guess we should just STICK TO THE SCRIPT! Tune in to hear us go over probably one of the weirdest but creative movies we’ve seen in quite awhile, and while you’re at it, grab a beer! The beverage for this episode is a fantastic DIPA by our new friends at Pariah Brewing called “Back To The Filter”. Go check these guys out here:

Recap Vol. 1

With so many movies to see and such little time, The R&B crew decide to catch up on some new (and old)movies they haven’t seen before in an episode we’re calling “Recap”. In this episode we cover 2 mind-altering films that will make you call your therapist: The Ritual, and our hero Denis Villeneuve’s first English movie Enemy. But no episode would be complete without a beverage! We’re drinking a special collaboration between View Point Brewing and some of our friends made called ‘Not-Furlong’, a tasty blonde ale. Scope more from these guys at:

Ep24 – Ant-Man & The Wasp

Ready for another sequel? We were! Especially concerning a follow up to one of the most underrated MCU movies: Ant-Man. And let’s be honest, we needed some hilarity after Infinity War – so grab a coldie, and let’s talk about Michael Peña stealing all the scenes again. The beverage for this episode is the quintessential beer for the summer: Port Brewing’s Summer Pale Ale. A crisp and light beer that’s perfect for the beach, which you can learn more about here:

Ep23 – Sicario 2

The summer of sequels continues – this time with the follow up to the Denis Villeneuve panic attack inducing masterpiece. Can the sequel hold its own with no Emily Blunt? Will you need therapy after watching it? Tune in while we go over Sicario: Day Of The Soldado.
This episode’s beverage again features Latitude 33 ( and their brew Meridian Myst; a crisp and very sessionable pale ale that we enjoyed quite a bit.

Ep22 – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The summer of sequels continues with the follow up to Chris Pratt taming velociraptors and Bryce Dallas Howard not wearing heals in an adventure movie! You can probably tell we have some thoughts about this one, so cuddle up with your favorite dino-stuffed animal & a coldie! Our friends at Latitude 33 ( hooked us up with their delicious, tropical hazy IPA ‘Bro-Kini’ for this episode. We can’t recommend this brew enough!

Ep 21 – Incredibles 2

Don your super suit and grab a coldie, it’s gonna get incredible in here! The R&B crew take on the Brad Bird sequel to the classic Pixar film that got us monologuing, and man do we have some things to talk about. For the beverage this episode we went with Garage Brewing’s Tropical IPA, a seasonal and delicious beer you can learn more about here: