Brad Verrier

The Horror Movies Episode

“Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination?!”
‘Tis the season to annoy your significant other who hates horror movies by watching copious amounts of them! Join the R&B crew while they chat about what makes a good horror movie to them, and list their all time favorite go-to films when the need for a fright arises.
Witches say that everything comes in 3’s, which is probably why Rip Current: “” gave us 3 sinister brews to try! Come along, grab a coldie, and good luck on surviving the night…

Ep 33 – MANDY

The most metal movie of all time deserves the most metal review to follow it! Well, this is NOT that review but we do drink beer and talk about the critically acclaimed revenge acid trip from director Panos Cosmatos.
For this mindf%&k of a movie we needed an equally complex beverage, and our new friends from Resident Brewing: were up to the challenge with 2 versions of their Saison Prestige. Everyone got their coldies and comically vicious axes ready? Then let’s do this!!!!

Ep 32 – The Predator

Well, at least Topher Grace wasn’t in this one… Come along with the R&B crew as we go over Shane Black’s hunt to revitalize #ThePredator franchise with an even bigger, more predatory Predator (because it’s BIGGER) and you better bring a trophy beer because you’ll need it.
Speaking of beers; our new friends at Rough Draft Brewing hooked us up with their out of this world Hazy Weekend IPA. Scope more info about them here:

Ep31 – The Nun

Prepare yourself to be whelmed… VERY whelmed! Join us this week to chat about The Conjuring spin-off that shows the origins of the demonic nun that haunts your dreams. You might be… whelmed!
We went out of our local network for the beer this week as a gift of Cascade Brewing’s Kentucky Peach Sour made its way into our mouths. Scope more info about them here:

Recap Vol. 2

With really nothing to see this week (Kin… Searching.. Really?), the R&B crew decided it was time for another Recap. Brad took on The Karate Kid quasi-sequel turned series Cobra Kai, and Ken took on Martin McDonagh’s best movie (it’s a fact, kids, look it up!) In Bruges.
The beer for this episode is Second Chance’s 3rd Anniversary Imperial Pilsner. Yeah you read that right: Imperial Pilsner. Congrats on your 3 years, Second Chance, and check them out for yourself here:

Ep30 – The Happytime Murders

Ready to ruin all your fond memories of the wholesome, always good natured Muppets? Come along with us while we drink -TWO- beers this episode compliments of Culture Brewing ( and talk about how the puppets have us dialing up our therapists.

Ep29 – Eighth Grade

Who’s ready for the most awkward review of the most awkward movie ever!? Grab a beverage and listen to us struggle relating to being a kid growing up in the digital age (spoiler, it gets awkward).
Pariah Brewing’s Refill Material ( is our personal choice for this episode. Check out the can art, you might see why we chose it for this one.

Ep28 – The Meg

Jason Statham puts his diving skills to the test to rescue oceanographers that are trapped beneath a chemical thermal cloud in the bottom of the Mariana Trench…. Hey! Are you still reading? Yeah let’s be real it’s a movie about a gigantic shark. Grab a coldie and we can fill you in on the rest!
The beer for this episode is a revisit to one of our favorite places Societe Brewing for another feral ale called The Swindler. Scope more info about it here:

Ep 27 – Christopher Robin

Who wants to see Christopher Robin go through a midlife crisis?! We did! Who wants to drink beer and talk about it?! We do! So grab a coldie and see if Disney’s attempt with playing on your nostalgic heartstrings will drop you into a deeper depression (spoiler: it probably will. Cheerio!
The beverage for this episode was Second Chance’s “Clever Hoppy Name” Pale Ale. Find out more about this tasty brew here:

Ep 26 – Mission Impossible: Fallout

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to never see this trailer ever again and drink some beer with us! The latest Tom Cruise suicide mission gave us tons to talk about, so tune in to see what we thought about this action packed masterpiece. The beer for this episode was Societe Brewing’s The Highbinder, a delightful wine barrel aged feral ale that we enjoyed quite a bit. Find out more on their awesome setup here: