Brad Verrier

Ep50 – Shazam! & Pet Sematary

We’ve been gone for a couple of weeks so we’re giving you double the R&B dose! You know, 2 movies – 1 episode.

We go over the remake of ‘Big’ that finally puts DC back on track with Shazam! And then we tackle -another- remake of the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary. And yes, neckbeards, ‘Sematary’ is the correct spelling.

The beverage we were soaked in for this one is a joint venture of 2 of our friends: <a href=“”>Coronado Brewing</a> & <a href=“”>Belching Beaver</a>. Their union produced a very tasty hazy IPA called ‘Tail & Tooth’ that we rather enjoyed!

Ep49 – Us

You could say Jordan Peele has a charmed life. Hit TV show? Check. 2 out of the blue horror movies that are critically acclaimed and fresh takes on the genre? Double check. On top of that he’s re-making The Twilight Zone?! That’s one busy dude! So we don’t feel like lazy asses compared to Mr Peele, let’s chat about his latest offering ‘Us’ while having a coldie.

We finally, FINALLY finished our <a href=“”>Mason Ale Works</a> stash with a blonde sour they call Bandit Queen: a very rare barrel aged delight that only 1500 bottles exist!

Ep48 – Captain Marvel

Let’s be real here, folks. Brie Larsen wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt for the bulk of a movie is a pretty safe way to get us in a theater. How does she stack up as the cosmic warrior that will -spoiler alert- eventually kick some Thanos ass and make a sad Spider-Man un-Snapped? Grab a coldie and reminisce with all the 90’s nostalgia porn you can handle while we dive into how a pager can summon the most powerful super hero in the universe.

The beverage we went with on this intergalactic journey is a tasty treat from our friends at <a href=“”>Coronado Brewing</a> called Leisure Lagoon; a hazy pale ale.

The Anniversary / The Oscars

Can you believe it? Reviews & Brews officially turns 1!!! A whole year of our terrible jokes and self depreciating humor all for your entertainment, Casual Listener! We celebrate in the worst way possible by watching and chatting about this years Oscars, and oh boy this year’s was a doozy.

The beverage for this episode comes from our new friends <a href=“https://www.”>AleSmith</a> and their fresh out of the lab Juice Stand Hazy IPA; a beer where the name says it all because this bad boy is JUICY. So come along, grab a coldie, and struggle bus with us as we try to figure out how we got here as a species, with beer of course!

Ep47 – Alita: Battle Angel

Can a hit manga James Cameron bought the rights for almost 30 years ago be brought to life properly by Robert Rodriguez? Don your best anime eyes and cyborg ears while we discus Alita: Battle Angel. No subtitles necessary on this one, folks, but you will need a coldie or 2.
Our beloved partners in crime <a href=“”>Pariah Brewing</a> provided us a variant of their Smylex IPA they’re calling “1989 Batman”; a rye heavy and hoppy delight with probably the coolest can art you’ve ever seen.

Ep 46 – The Lego Movie 2

5 years after Tako Tuesday a bitter wasteland exists in both the sequel to the first Lego Movie and the creativity in Lego Movie 2. Can the star power of Chris Pratt save this watered down dash for cash? Probably, he’s like, huge! Prepare yourself as we fully come to grips that it’s probably not a good thing for a couple of 30-somethings to see kids movies.

The beer for this episode is a special one from our friends at <a href=“”>Societe</a> as we drink their version of Resilience IPA: a recipe made by Sierra Nevada where all proceeds go to the <a href=“”>Camp Fire Relief Fund</a> to help with the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history. Societe’s take on this was quite delicious, and we highly recommend for the quality as well as the good cause!

Ep 45 – Glass

It’s time, folks. A movie all us Unbreakable fans have clamored and wanted for upwards of 18 years is finally here. But maybe our mad scientist M. Night Shyamalan was so preoccupied with whether or not he could, he didn’t stop to think if he should. So come along with all 26 of your personalities and better bring a coldie, you know, just in case.

Our beverages were graciously donated to us by the legendary <a href=“”>Modern Times</a> : a favorite of ours and a brewery which we’ve featured a few times now. We were blessed with 2 brews: the hoppy lager Poly Rhythmo, and a mighty TIPA called Avatar of Might.

Ep 44 – Bumblebee

Prepare yourself for all the nostalgia porn your eyes and ears can handle when we get the most 80’s out movie since, well, an actual 80’s movie! Count and marvel at the easter eggs crammed into Bumblebee at your own peril, and maybe have some fun along the way.

The beverages for this episode were provided by the always incredibly generous <a href=“”>Mason Ale Works!</a>, and man do they love getting us drunk. They transformed our tastebuds with 2 out of this world IPA variants: a red IPA called Charley Hustle, and a Brut IPA called ZFG: Blue Dream.

Ep 43 – Bird Box

Poor Sandra Bullock. It seems that everywhere she goes something terrible follows her. If it’s not mad bombers, or booby trapped yatchs, or ghost like entities that posses you by looking at them, it’s being linked to Netflix’s biggest movie hit yet. Is it worth watching though? Blindfold optional on this listen, but make sure you bring a coldie.

The beverage for this episode is a collaborative effort from <a href=“”>Modern Times</a> called Comfort Zone: an American style IPA that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The Best of 2018

A very special episode where we do the predictable thing: our favorite movies (and beers) of the year! Ken’s #1 movie of the year may surprise you, because it shocked Brad.

A special episode requires a special beer, and for that Brad busted out a long saved Quadruple Barrel Big Bad Baptist; the best coffee/choclate stout on the planet from the one and only <a href=“”>Epic Brewing</a>. So come along for surprises, and utter predictability!