Brad Verrier

Ep24 – Ant-Man & The Wasp

Ready for another sequel? We were! Especially concerning a follow up to one of the most underrated MCU movies: Ant-Man. And let’s be honest, we needed some hilarity after Infinity War – so grab a coldie, and let’s talk about Michael Peña stealing all the scenes again. The beverage for this episode is the quintessential beer for the summer: Port Brewing’s Summer Pale Ale. A crisp and light beer that’s perfect for the beach, which you can learn more about here:

Ep23 – Sicario 2

The summer of sequels continues – this time with the follow up to the Denis Villeneuve panic attack inducing masterpiece. Can the sequel hold its own with no Emily Blunt? Will you need therapy after watching it? Tune in while we go over Sicario: Day Of The Soldado.
This episode’s beverage again features Latitude 33 ( and their brew Meridian Myst; a crisp and very sessionable pale ale that we enjoyed quite a bit.

Ep22 – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The summer of sequels continues with the follow up to Chris Pratt taming velociraptors and Bryce Dallas Howard not wearing heals in an adventure movie! You can probably tell we have some thoughts about this one, so cuddle up with your favorite dino-stuffed animal & a coldie! Our friends at Latitude 33 ( hooked us up with their delicious, tropical hazy IPA ‘Bro-Kini’ for this episode. We can’t recommend this brew enough!

Ep 21 – Incredibles 2

Don your super suit and grab a coldie, it’s gonna get incredible in here! The R&B crew take on the Brad Bird sequel to the classic Pixar film that got us monologuing, and man do we have some things to talk about. For the beverage this episode we went with Garage Brewing’s Tropical IPA, a seasonal and delicious beer you can learn more about here:

Ep20 – Hotel Artemis

Grab a beverage and join the R&B crew while we visit the criminal haven that is the Hotel Artemis. This movie came out of nowhere for us, and to say we have some great things to go over about it is an understatement. We recommend Coronado Brewing’s Marine Dream IPA which they graciously hooked us up with which you can learn more about here: – CHEERS!

Brad’s Favorite Movies Of 2018 (so far)

6 months into 2018 and we’ve seen a shit ton of movies! To keep track of where we’re at, I’m going to drop the top 5 of my personal favorites of the slew of movies Ken and I have seen thus far. Here we go:

  1. Annhilation
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. A Quiet Place
  4. Hotel Artemis
  5. Black Panther

There ya go. I do feel like I’m leaving something out, so if there is – let us know!


Ep19 – Hereditary

Now that everyone here at Reviews & Brews needs hours of therapy from seeing this movie, let’s drink! There’s a ton to discuss about Hereditary, so the R&B crew brought in their close friend Phillip at ManicProject ( to share the grief of going through this insanely uncomfortable movie. For beverages, we got the hook-up again from Belching Beaver with their unreleased Orange Vanilla IPA, which of course you can find more info on here:

Ep18 – Action Point

Take a shot any time Brad & Ken say “actually” on this episode! All jokes aside, it’s probably more entertaining than Action Point actually was, but feel free to tune in to hear our thoughts on Jonny Knoxville and the injuries he sustained while making this movie. For refreshments we went with a fantastic DuckFoot Brewing beverage that helps with repopulating the bee population: Drink This Or The Bees Die. Learn more about it on this episode and this website:

Ep17 – Solo

I have a great feeling about this!
Mainly because Belching Beaver gave us an exclusive preview of their new beer: Digital Bath, their 4th collaboration with Deftones! Come along with us as we chat about Solo’s Kessell Run and this super tasty brew before the public gets to. Thanks again, Belching Beaver! Find more on them here:

Ep16 – Deadpool 2

It’s time to make some muthaf$%#kin chimichangas to chat about the second round of crass jokes and 4th wall breaks from your neighborhood friendly pal, Deadpool. This review will take maximum effort, so have a cold beverage on hand when you come on this journey with us! Our beverage of choice for this episode was the delightful Modern Times hazy IPA called Avalon, which you can find more info on here: