Brad Verrier

The Oscars – pt2

The results of the contest between Ken and Brad’s Oscar picks is revealed! Who owes who a sixer? There’s also lots of discussion from the results of the 90th Academy Awards, as well as much love for Helen Mirren riding a jet ski. This episode’s beer of choice is a SD favorite: Stone’s Ripper, which you can get more info from here:…s/stone-ripper

Ep6 – Annihilation

The R&B duo explore The Shimmer and discuss the beautiful oddity that is Annihilation. Many theories are tossed around while enjoying Belching Beaver’s ( 3rd Deftones collaboration: Good Morning Beautiful. Listeners beware, there be spoilers a plenty on this episode!

Brad’s Oscar Pics

Yeah, I know. You could listen to the episode but if by chance you just needed a quick glance or don’t have the 20 minutes to roll through the mini episode, here is the form that shows my picks for the Oscars:

ps – I can already taste that Blazing World Ken will owe me…


The Oscars – Pt1

Ken & Brad make a bet on who will win with this years 90th Academy Awards! All while sipping on Epic Brewing’s Tart & Juicy Sour IPA, which you can find out more about here:

Episode 5 – Black Panther

Ken & Brad go to #Wakanda (twice) and chat about the experience over a Blood Orange IPA from Latitude 33. Check them out at and tell them Reviews & Brews sent you, and would appreciate some beer!

Welcome to Reviews & Brews

Ken is drinking a Coors Light Tall Boy and I’m severely sad with him. Black Panther episode coming soon!


Episode 4 – The Cloverfield Paradox

Ken & Brad suffer through a viewing of The Cloverfield Paradox and talk about how this film connects the rest. The beverage for this episode is the marvelous Modern Times hoppy amber Blazing World ( – a favorite brew of Brad’s.

Episode 3 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Brad & Ken review the Oscar heavy hitter Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri while sipping Firestone Walker’s 805 Blonde Ale ( Crack open a coldie, because you’ll need it for this review!

Episode 2 – Blade Runner 2049

The Reviews & Brews crew talk in depth about their favorite movie of 2017; Blade Runner 2049. This episode was recorded live at Young Hickory ( where Brad & Ken enjoyed their Coffee & Beer & Coffee & Beer Stout that is a collaboration between YH, Mason Ale Works ( and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters ( When you’re around North Park, check them out!

Episode 1 – IT

Brad & Ken review the home release of IT while sipping the Belching Beaver + Deftones collaborative beer ‘Phantom Bride’. Get more info about this tasty brew here: