Brad Verrier

Ep8 – A Wrinkle In Time

Ken & Brad get inter-dimensional with Thorn Brewing’s Foreplay Blonde ( and discuss the classic literary tale turned movie: A Wrinkle In Time. Come along, ‘tesser’ yourself a beer, and listen to a spoilery review!

Ep7 – Mute

Ken & Brad take on the highly anticipated (for them) Netflix original movie Mute. How does it stack up against its sister film Moon? Listen and find out! This episode was also recorded at the wonderful California Tap Room ( where we got to drink Duckfoot Brewing ( & Abnormal Beer Co. ( brews. Big shout out to Boomer for having us out!

The Oscars – pt2

The results of the contest between Ken and Brad’s Oscar picks is revealed! Who owes who a sixer? There’s also lots of discussion from the results of the 90th Academy Awards, as well as much love for Helen Mirren riding a jet ski. This episode’s beer of choice is a SD favorite: Stone’s Ripper, which you can get more info from here:…s/stone-ripper

Ep6 – Annihilation

The R&B duo explore The Shimmer and discuss the beautiful oddity that is Annihilation. Many theories are tossed around while enjoying Belching Beaver’s ( 3rd Deftones collaboration: Good Morning Beautiful. Listeners beware, there be spoilers a plenty on this episode!

Brad’s Oscar Pics

Yeah, I know. You could listen to the episode but if by chance you just needed a quick glance or don’t have the 20 minutes to roll through the mini episode, here is the form that shows my picks for the Oscars:

ps – I can already taste that Blazing World Ken will owe me…


The Oscars – Pt1

Ken & Brad make a bet on who will win with this years 90th Academy Awards! All while sipping on Epic Brewing’s Tart & Juicy Sour IPA, which you can find out more about here:

Episode 5 – Black Panther

Ken & Brad go to #Wakanda (twice) and chat about the experience over a Blood Orange IPA from Latitude 33. Check them out at and tell them Reviews & Brews sent you, and would appreciate some beer!

Welcome to Reviews & Brews

Ken is drinking a Coors Light Tall Boy and I’m severely sad with him. Black Panther episode coming soon!


Episode 4 – The Cloverfield Paradox

Ken & Brad suffer through a viewing of The Cloverfield Paradox and talk about how this film connects the rest. The beverage for this episode is the marvelous Modern Times hoppy amber Blazing World ( – a favorite brew of Brad’s.

Episode 3 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Brad & Ken review the Oscar heavy hitter Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri while sipping Firestone Walker’s 805 Blonde Ale ( Crack open a coldie, because you’ll need it for this review!