Ken Rapp

Orphan First Kill

It’s been a hot minute folks since we bestowed an episode on ya, but let us tell you, it was worth the wait!!!!! In the spirit of the spooky season we invited our good friend and film producer Ethan Erwin to chat with us about his new horror/thriller film Orphan First Kill!! So sit back, grab yourself a cold pumpkin beer and let the terror begin!!!!! Happy Halloween!

Ep 118: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Sitting here, sipping coffee trying to come up with a descriptor for this episode and it is just not happening. I mean how to you ultimately describe an episode where you talk about -this- movie? A movie so all over the place that they felt the need to include a multiversal version of our beloved characters with hot dogs for fingers? Best bet is to just get yourself a coldie, and chat about the pure joy and insanity that is one of our favorite movie of the year: Everything Everywhere All At One!

The Batman

Howdy y’all! Been a minute since we’ve released an episode, and you can thank dear ol Uncle Covid for that delay but we’ve got another piping hot serving of shenanigans for you. This episode covers yet another movie with another take on Batman, conveniently called The Batman. With a runtime of almost 3 hours, we needed help so we brought in a Friend Of The Program that’s been on a couple times now; our buddy Ben. So grab a coldie, don your most gothic cowl, and let’s talk about Batman. Again.

Ep 116 – The World’s End

At last, we’ve reached the end of our journey for the Coronetto Trilogy with Sean from A Glass Half Film. It’s always a good time with Sean, and this episode is no different. Drinks were had, jokes were shared as we discuss Edgar Wright’s genre-bending masterpiece while none of us had a Coronetto over the course of the 3 films / episodes. We blame you, Sean. So grab a coldie, and lets boo-boo this thing together!!!

Ep 115 – Dan Ouellette W/ Fall Brewing

Happy National Beer Day, everyone!!! We’ve got a special episode to help celebrate and it just so happens to be the head brewer of one of our personal favorite breweries: Fall Brewing. We count ourselves lucky getting to chat with Dan and learning more about Fall’s approach to beer and their signature culture.
Dan even brought gifts! Making it’s 3rd (or is it the 4th?) appearance on the show is Brad’s personal favorite of Fall’s lineup: Let’s Go IPA. And to round things out we also had another Fall staple: Plenty For All Pilsner, which has been on the show as well, because guys… Fall makes incredibly great beer and we enjoy it. So grab a coldie, and let’s learn some things about beer and these North Park legends!

The Burbs

I guess at this point we should just become a Tom Hanks podcast, eh? This week we go back to the 80’s for another Hanks gem: The Burbs. So if that sounds good to you; grab a coldie and let’s chat about the inevitable hellish neighbors we’ve all experienced. Luckily we have Benny from 10 Barrel Brewing to guide us with their new and fantastic Mai Tai cocktail in a can to keep those pesky cannibals next door at bay.

Ep113 – Antlers

Howdy, Folks! After a long sabbatical the R&B crew have found willing hosts to carry on our malevolent deeds of discussing beer and chatting movies. On this episode we possess and drink with Tom from Thorn Brewing while chatting about a flick that we’d been excited / forgotten about since ya know that whole global pandemic thing happened and it’s release was delayed a couple years. Grab a coldie, and tune in while we take a stab at figuring out what exactly Antlers is trying to say.

Ep 112 – Best of the Best

A very large congratulations to our friends at Savagewood Brewing” for keeping their doors open for 4 years, and during a pandemic nonetheless!!! We asked friend and owner Darrell how we can help celebrate, to which he replied “let’s do an episode on the only movie that has made Brad cry” – so yeah we’re doing Best of the Best.
But what episode would be complete without a beverage? And we’re talking an ultra special beverage here, folks! Savagewood brewed in collaboration with Reviews & Brews to create “TOMMY NO!”, a Red Rice Lager that highlights that even in defeat a man can achieve victory and honor but just chilling out and having a delicious coldie.

Ep 111 – Joe Vs Volcano

Random, right? What could possibly make us chat about a 31 year old Tom Hanks movie? You can blame our pals The Porters who own and operate Smog City Brewing for that one! Join us for an ultra-sized episode while we explore how crazy pertinent Joe’s journey is to us modern day worker bees, and why this movie is so special to The Porters.

The beverages for this one is Smog City’s delightful Kelp Is On The Way, a west coast IPA that is part of their Community Impact Series (which we get great insight on in the episode), and Tropical Farmhouse, a Foudre-aged saison that blew us away. Grab a coldie, and let’s get into some deeply expensive but life saving luggage talk!

Ep 110 – Dune

We finally got it, y’all! Our most anticipated movie for what feels like 10 years finally came out and boy oh boy do we have some things to chat about; from the epic visuals, to comparisons to the book, and what to expect from Big Daddy Villeneuve for Dune Part 2 – so if you want to keep it fresh just know we go deep into spoiler territory in both the books and movies! But you must not fear a new episode, for fear is the mind killer…