Ken Rapp

Ep 109 – Halloween Kills

As spooky season continues, we finally got to see and chat about Halloween Kills. What did we think about it? Well… I think we spend some time about about Star Trek: The Next Generation if that’s any indication. But either way, grab a coldie and let’s slash our way through another Halloween sequel.

Ep 108 – Malignant

Greetings boys and ghouls! Today we will chat about the most divisive movie to come out in awhile: Malignant. A movie that is either super entertaining, or so stupid it will make your head spin so far around that you will start walking backwards. Honestly we still don’t even know where we ended up on this debate, so grab a coldie and let’s get to it!

Ep 107 – A Quiet Place 2

Happy Friday, y’all! Whatcha got going on? Got a little time to kill? Then grab a coldie and lets talk about unnecessary sequels! It’s not a secret we love part of of the Quiet Place universe (in fact you can listen to that episode!) but when there was a part 2 announced we were pretty hesitant about the necessity of a sequel to an otherwise perfect horror movie. Verdict? SPOILER: Turns out we were right.

Luckily we got to spend some time with Tom with one of our favorites Thorn Brewing where we tasted a couple brews of theirs including the various tasty Michelada brews and the pretty cool reason they started to make them. Also tune in for the moment Tom absolutely schooled us with his horror movie flex. Yep, he’s family now.

Ep 106 – The Nice Guys

Not gonna lie, y’all! This is one humdinger special episode if there ever was one! It doesn’t take much for us to wax poetic on how much we love The Nice Guys, but give us a couple coldies and we will go on an incredibly annoying tangent to tell you how it’s one of the most underrated and under appreciated movies in the past 20 years. But that’s not what makes this episode special, because we had Ethan Erwin who produced the damn thing on! So grab your beverage of choice, and listen to Ethan tell some deep behind the scenes stories and learn something about this glorious movie.

Ep 105 – The Suicide Squad

Gore, dick jokes, double-entendres, more gore, giant talking sharks, friendly little rats, poop jokes, giant kaiju space starfish, and John Cena. Yep that’s pretty much our review for James Gunn’s love letter to war exploitation movies of the 70’s: The Suicide Squad. No one is safe from this review, so grab a coldie and lets do this thing while we talk about how David Dastmalchian needs to be in everything from here out.

Ep 104 – Stand By Me

Stand By Me seems like a random pick, right? But if there’s anything you should know about us is that we will never refuse a chance to talk about our lord and savior Stephen King. Luckily our local hero Benny from 10 Barrel Brewing was up for the journey of what I’m sure we all did as kids: let’s go see a dead body.

Benny brought the 10 Barrel Pilsner that is just an exceptional brew; no frills, no gimmicks, just a crisp and refreshingly classic beverage that we thoroughly enjoyed. So grab a coldie, and join us as we talk about how weird it is to see Richard Dreyfus without a beard.

Ep103 – Cruella

In yet another example of unnecessary origin stories that completely ruin your villain; Disney brought us the next iteration of “but you should feel bad for this misunderstood villain”. Luckily the movie isn’t 100% terrible, and suitable for us to discuss the fashionable Cruella.

Before we got into that though, we met up with Savagewood Brewing and drank waaaaaaay too much of their unique and tasty brews to really list (and let’s be honest I can’t remember all the beers we tried). So grab a coldie, drape it in your best Dalmatian coozie, and lets have some fun.

Ep101 – Hot Fuzz

Part 2 of the Cornetto Trilogy with our pal from across the pond Sean continues! Honestly there really isn’t much to say about this episode, especially if you caught our love letter to Shaun of the Dead. Just know that we drink lots of beer and wax poetic about Hot Fuzz; a movie we all have seen probably 100 times.

Ep100 – Mortal Kombat

AND WE’RE BACK! Summer vacation has started with Review & Brews, and while we nursed hangovers and caught up on movies, we’ve also recorded some episodes for your earholes. This episode is all about that FINISH HIM life. But don’t tell your mom that you’re watching rebooted Mortal Kombat with us, you might get grounded.

We also brought along our friend Brent for this one, and man did he throw us for a loop for reasons that we recommend you scope our YouTube channel to see why that is. The beverage for this episode is an insanely potent DIPA from 8Bit Brewing called “Flawless Victory”, and yeah it’s like an uppercut that cuts your head off with a 9.2% ABV. So don your best gi, sharpen your blades, and lets throw fireballs at each other.