Ken Rapp

Ep89 – Harry & The Hendersons

Where to even begin on this one? Well, let’s start that we agreed to do an episode on Harry & The Hendersons out of our respect and love of Mason Ale Works and co-founder Grant Tondro. Grant told us awhile ago that an absolute monster of a brew was being made at Mason Ale Works, and wanted us to celebrate the beast with us: The triple IPA that is “Harry & The Sendersons.”

While we sipped on this behemoth brew, we dove into the nostalgia of the bigfoot movie and debated if it stood the test of time. Does it? Grab a coldie, and join in on the fun! Thanks again to Grant and the Mason Ale Works crew!

Ep88 – Tenet

So we should have loved Tenet, right? RIGHT? Look, every genius has a misstep, Christopher Nolan is just lucky enough to be that one guy who can do some weird ass time thing to correct course. Grab a coldie, and let’s chat how a 3000 year old square puzzle with 5 words on it inspired another Nolan weird ass time thing that should have been better than it was.

But first: In our quest to drink delicious beer our travels have brought us back to the lands of Salt Lake City and to the fantastic Level Crossing Brewing. If it wasn’t The DIPA Soul Rex they bestowed on us, it was the Rye IPA Suss It Out that made us fall in love with their brews. Check them out!

Ep87 – Wonder Woman 84

Folks, we’re gonna level with you here. The R&B crew did not particularly enjoy Wonder Woman ’84, and we spent more time on this episode talking about cool beer from around the world with our guest Nate Levi from Epic Brewing rather than talking about the movie.

Sure, we give impressions on the movie! There are anecdotes about how an extra from the Cats movie stumbled onto the wrong set, or how one can have a gassed up jet just ready to go at a seconds notice for when you really need to fly like —right now—. All that stuff is in here, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when we really do spend more time talking about Epic’s delicious Bigger Badder Baptista, Grandma Van’s Candy Cane Stout, and the shockingly delightful cucumber lime lager Señor Pepino that Nate bestowed upon us. Grab a coldie, and let’s celebrate fanny packs together!

Ep86 – Christmas Vacation

Tis the season to have some beverages! And beverages we shall have to toast the last R&B episode of the year. To mark this special occasion and festive time of year, we decided to have a good time by celebrating a classic holiday film with our favorite bundle of pure chaos: The Griswold Family. We even brought out our own chaotic family Ben & Ryan to revel in how Clark is still alive despite the things that constantly happen to him.

A festive time deserves a festive beer, and this one is special! Another fantastic holiday beer from Utah comesRedrock Brewery and their “Griswold Holiday Ale”, a spiced, well balanced ale that will absolutely wreck you if you’re not careful with an 8.5% ABV.

Thank you to all who tuned in this year, as well as a big thank you to anyone who begrudgingly came on the show to spend some time with a couple of drunks. May 2021 not be the dumpster fire that 2020 was!

Ep85 – The Big Lebowski

Now that we’re so close for this god-forsaken, no good year to finally wrap up; it was time for a little brevity by talking about a movie that we’ve loved since the first viewing which has since become a sort of a yearly tradition around these parts. Every Thanksgiving, you mix yourself that special blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and some cream, put on a bath robe, and commence the 109th time you’ve watched The Big Lebowski.

To mark this special occasion we brought back someone who embodies The Dude’s energy, Benny from 10 Barrel Brewing came back to dive in and celebrate this movie with us. He also brought a really special märzen along with him that is truly “Cosmic”. SO grab 2 beverages! That special cocktail The Dude enjoys, and a coldie, because they really tie the room together.

Ep84 – Possessor

Welp, officially scarred for life. That shouldn’t come as a shock if you know anything about Possessor; a film made by the future of the Cronenberg family line that keeps it just as visceral and gory as his pops likes to do. To say there were mixed reactions to this movie is an understatement.

Luckily for us we got a mid-review break from Jake who is from one of our favorite breweries Societe Brewing where he got us a little tipsy and a little off topic. So yes, we talk about Possessor, but we also talk about Star Wars and A League of Their Own. Seriously. Not gonna lie folks, this episode is all over the place! But grab a coldie, and have fun while the R&B crew picks Jake’s brain on the delicious beer Societe makes and wrap up with this wild ass movie.

Ep83 – His House

2020 has had some solid surprises, most have been pretty terrible but surprises nonetheless! But Netflix making a solid horror film to close out the Halloween Season was quite the surprise. The other surprise was the years of therapy we will need from watching this rough but fresh take on the haunted house genre. Luckily we have friends that can help us grieve by drowning our sorrows! Uh, maybe not the best choice of words for this particular movie…

The friend we brought along just so happens to be the owner of the infamous Mason Ale Works Grant Tondro. Most R&B faithful may know that when these guys show up in our neighborhood, we get drunk. Probably because they’re generous, and make extremely wonderful brews of which we got 3: Intergalactic Battle Mammoth, an extremely wild lager that matches its name; Jambi, the Mason Ale Works staple IPA; and Mosaic Revengeance, an IPA where the name really says it all.

Ep82 – The Thing

We always like to do something special for the most celebrated time in the R&B camp, and this year we decided to talk about one of our favorite movies reserved for Halloween of all time: John Carpenter’s The Thing. Grab a coldie, and try to figure out which one of us is actually an alien underneath…

But we’re not doing this alone! We brought in Ryan (again) and fellow movie aficionado Ben Smith to talk about the body horror masterpiece and how it inspired and changed movies since its debut. Of course no episode would be complete without a beverage in hand, well, 4 to be exact. Everyone brought something different with brews from Belching Beaver, Elysian, Fremont Brewing & Dogfish Head.

Ep81 – Hidden

Long before there was little show called Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers created a small scale film that borders being prophetic for the year 2020. A film all about being trapped indoors, worrying about Breathers, and just trying not to lose it on those around you. If you think you can handle it, then grab a beer, get out of your bunker, and let’s talk about Hidden.

Speaking of beer, we had the head brewer Mo Katomski of ViewPoint Brewing give us the lowdown on 2 of the best beers we’ve had this year: Eddie Van Lager, a delicious and very fall feeling beer. Followed by Fairies Wear Boots, the staple ale with a crisp balance of Citra & Mosaic hops. Cheers!

Ep80 – The Mist

We’ve got quite the episode for you this week, Casual Listeners. Before we get into the small town affair made inter-dimensional horror calamity because of those guys up at The Arrowhead Project; join us to learn about the brewery that got one of our own obsessed with craft beer.

We’re joined by Nate & Jordan from Epic Brewing with a plethora of their fall beers. The whimsical Imperial Pumpkin Porter brought Brad back to winters back in Utah kicked things off, followed by the yet to be released canned version of the infamous Big Bad Baptist, and for dessert we had the raspberry variant of the Big Bad Baptist. To say we had a blast with these guys is an understatement. Oh! Also Ryan joined up. You know, the guy from the Back To The Future episode. But this time he talks about his first viewing of Stephen King’s The Mist.