Ken Rapp

Ep 71 – Palm Springs

If ever there was a movie that hits close to home right now, it’s Palm Springs. Most of us have been sitting around, living every day like the day before it, and the day before that. But if it was infinite, what would you do? Steal a plane? Start a bar fight with a choreographed dance-off? These questions are answered in this weeks episode all about the Hulu Original – so grab a coldie and for a few minutes let’s pretend everything doesn’t just utterly suck.

Speaking of coldies; 2 beverages this week! **THE CROWD GOES WILD!!** Ken gave some love to Modern Times with the classic Blazing World. Brad went with the limited release Stone Soaring Dragon IIPA, and the crowd rejoiced.

The Pandemisode

If there is a will, there is a way! After a little apocalyptic hiatus the R&B crew is back for more shenanigans! We finally figured out how to make episodes again and catch up on what TV shows and movies we’ve been watching all while taking down some delicious beverages.

Speaking of delicious beverages, we took down a couple of growlers from Nickel Beer Co of their brew Darkside of the Moonlight; a honey porter that wasn’t sweet, but rocked a 10.2% ABV to set us right. Join us, catch up, we know you ain’t got anything better to do! Kidding, kidding… keep up the yoga and jogging! You look fantastic!