Ep 46 – The Lego Movie 2

5 years after Tako Tuesday a bitter wasteland exists in both the sequel to the first Lego Movie and the creativity in Lego Movie 2. Can the star power of Chris Pratt save this watered down dash for cash? Probably, he’s like, huge! Prepare yourself as we fully come to grips that it’s probably not a good thing for a couple of 30-somethings to see kids movies.

The beer for this episode is a special one from our friends at <a href=“https://societebrewing.com”>Societe</a> as we drink their version of Resilience IPA: a recipe made by Sierra Nevada where all proceeds go to the <a href=“https://sierranevada.com/resilience-butte-county-proud-ipa”>Camp Fire Relief Fund</a> to help with the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history. Societe’s take on this was quite delicious, and we highly recommend for the quality as well as the good cause!

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