Ep60 – Joker / Terminator

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls around the world! We’ve got quite the episode for you as we cover 2 movies for the price of one episode! Well… They’re free… so… Anyway!

First up we cover the smash hit Joker, a movie about a director that wishes he directed Taxi Driver -SO BAD- but just so happens to have a wonderful cast and crew to help him not look like a complete dink. We wrap up with Terminator: Dark Fate. Or as we’ve been calling it around these parts “T2.5”; a film staring Linda “Get Off My Lawn” Hamilton. Giggle while you make your way to the fridge for a coldie, because you’re a robot with feelings now. Yes, that sentence doesn’t make sense now, but it will when you listen to the episode.

The beverage for this episode is the Ballast Point Lager. It has 99 calories! Helps us keep our girlish figures!

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