Ep61 – Doctor Sleep

“What is Danny Torrence up to?” is the question that started it all. Well that and a cat that can predict when people die. Seriously. Look it up! That’s what inspired The Lord Master Stephen King to write the weirdest sequel to one of his most beloved books in his arsenal almost 35 years later. It’s no secret that we here at the R&B crew love us some King lore, but how did a weird and unnecessary sequel do in movie format? Well… at least we can say it was better than that Pet Sematary remake. Grab a coldie and lets shine!

The beverage for this episode is the infamous <a href=“https://www.stonebrewing.com/beer/year-round-releases/stone-tropic-thunder-lager”>Stone Brewing</a> tasty lager Tropic of Thunder. Not exactly a winter beer, but deal with it! We enjoyed it!

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