Ep 73 – Artemis Fowl

You know the movie pipeline is getting thin when a couple of drunks resort to reviewing a kids movie. Artemis Fowl didn’t necessarily come by choice, but it was almost like a beer-fueled destiny to be savagely ripped apart by the R&B crew. I guess that’s kind of a spoiler for this episode, but oh well! Grab a coldie or 4 because you’re going to need it while we chat about high tech faries and over-grown dwarfs that fart dirt. Yep, you read that correctly.

Ken stayed somewhat responsibly buzzed with the San Diego classic .394 Pale Ale from Alesmith Brewing. Brad on the other hand went 3 sheets to the wind with a huge bomber of Ommegang Brewing’s Bend The Knee Golden Honey Ale from their Game of Thrones line of beers that he was saving for…. reasons?