Ep100 – Mortal Kombat

AND WE’RE BACK! Summer vacation has started with Review & Brews, and while we nursed hangovers and caught up on movies, we’ve also recorded some episodes for your earholes. This episode is all about that FINISH HIM life. But don’t tell your mom that you’re watching rebooted Mortal Kombat with us, you might get grounded.

We also brought along our friend Brent for this one, and man did he throw us for a loop for reasons that we recommend you scope our YouTube channel to see why that is. The beverage for this episode is an insanely potent DIPA from 8Bit Brewing called “Flawless Victory”, and yeah it’s like an uppercut that cuts your head off with a 9.2% ABV. So don your best gi, sharpen your blades, and lets throw fireballs at each other.