Ep50 – Shazam! & Pet Sematary

We’ve been gone for a couple of weeks so we’re giving you double the R&B dose! You know, 2 movies – 1 episode.

We go over the remake of ‘Big’ that finally puts DC back on track with Shazam! And then we tackle -another- remake of the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary. And yes, neckbeards, ‘Sematary’ is the correct spelling.

The beverage we were soaked in for this one is a joint venture of 2 of our friends: <a href=“https://coronadobrewing.com”>Coronado Brewing</a> & <a href=“https://belchingbeaver.com”>Belching Beaver</a>. Their union produced a very tasty hazy IPA called ‘Tail & Tooth’ that we rather enjoyed!

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