Ep63 – Knives Out

Happy New Year! Our apologies for the slacking of your delivery of fresh episodes, but some times a couple of dudes need a reprieve. You know, from drinking beer and watching movies. Anyway: Knives Out. Rian Johnson. A whodunit with pretty much the best cast ever? What better movie to watch about a dysfunctional family fighting, during the holidays while your dysfunctional family fights! Grab a coldie, and let’s figure out whodunit.

The beverage for this episode is a mystery all in itself. A beer shockingly weird at first but mellows into a very sessional (and surprisingly boozy) blueberry blonde. We didn’t know how we felt about this one at first, but cheers to <a href=“https://www.newenglishbrewing.com/blueberry-blonde”>New English Brewing</a> for a truly unique beer experience!

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