Ep69 – The Gentlemen

Apocalypse be damned, the show must go on! We know you have the time now that everyone is trapped in doors, so we will help you with the burden of being bored with a classy episode for a classy movie: The Gentleman. Join us (with a fancy beverage and bowtie of course) while we chat about the return to form for Guy Ritchie as he gets back to his gangster roots with a movie we quite enjoyed. Cheers!

We should have had a couple of on the rocks scotches, but we went with <a href=“https://www.garagebrewco.com/marshmallow-milk-stout”>Garage Brewing’s</a> Marshmallow Milk Stout. Random, we know, but sometimes a dude just needs dessert and to get a buzz at the same time.

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