Ep74 – The Tax Collector

Oh boy. Where to even begin with this turd of a movie. How about… It’s soooooo bad that we forgot to rate it. Seriously. The one thing we should be doing every single episode, and we were so off balance from the stink of this terrible film (if you want to call it that) that we forgot the format of our own show. So I guess that’s a spoiler? But hey, it’s made by the guy that made “Bright” and “Suicide Squad” so maybe you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Thank the old gods and the new for beer though! The only saving grace that got us through this one is the holy blessing that is Societe’s Good of the Public , a refreshing IPA that was literally made to be enjoyed in nature. Trust on this one, folks: You’re gonna need a coldie or 4 for the one, so grab it, and let’s do this thing!