Ep76 – Ex Machina

It’s not like we need an excuse to drink delicious beer, but this is a special episode that gives us an excuse to drink delicious beer – because we had the Brewmaster from
10 Barrel Brewing Co Benny Shirley. He educated us on his rise to power at the brewery, and gave insider tidbits on 2 of his tasty brews, Cali Love – the long time running champion IPA of 10 Barrel’s taproom, and Chela Vida – a Mexican style lager that was made and ready for long sessions on the beach.

But no episode would be complete without mentioning Oscar Isaac’s Beard. Seriously, it’s so majestic you have to give it royal treatment. It’s also an excuse to chat a little about the hotly anticipated Dune trailer, and segue into another movie that stars The Beard: Ex Machina. This so-ahead-of-its-time sci-fi flick was the perfect excuse to really dive into Alex Garland’s masterpiece, and marvel at the power that rests within Oscar Isaac’s Beard. Grab a coldie, and lets get to it!