Ep78 – Enola Holmes

Maybe one of the world’s most renowned and famous detectives can help figure out why we have to continually do episodes on Netflix Originals… Oh that’s right the apocalypse is still going on and all movies are postponed indefinitely! Good times, good times. Well anyway, probably not hard to deduce we’re going through Enola Holmes this week.

Lucky for us though we brought friends along for the ride this time around and ended up getting schooled on beer knowledge and history from brewery and pub owner Tom Nickel. We’ve featured his brews from Nickel Beer Co before, but today was much more in-depth since we had The Boss himself to tell tidbits of his fascinating beer journey. The beverages he brought were “Good Show, Mr Olsen” an herbal but insanely delicious IPA, as well as “Overnight To Julian” a more crisp and light IPA gave us the strength to get through yet another Netflix movie.