Ep80 – The Mist

We’ve got quite the episode for you this week, Casual Listeners. Before we get into the small town affair made inter-dimensional horror calamity because of those guys up at The Arrowhead Project; join us to learn about the brewery that got one of our own obsessed with craft beer.

We’re joined by Nate & Jordan from Epic Brewing with a plethora of their fall beers. The whimsical Imperial Pumpkin Porter brought Brad back to winters back in Utah kicked things off, followed by the yet to be released canned version of the infamous Big Bad Baptist, and for dessert we had the raspberry variant of the Big Bad Baptist. To say we had a blast with these guys is an understatement. Oh! Also Ryan joined up. You know, the guy from the Back To The Future episode. But this time he talks about his first viewing of Stephen King’s The Mist.