Ep84 – Possessor

Welp, officially scarred for life. That shouldn’t come as a shock if you know anything about Possessor; a film made by the future of the Cronenberg family line that keeps it just as visceral and gory as his pops likes to do. To say there were mixed reactions to this movie is an understatement.

Luckily for us we got a mid-review break from Jake who is from one of our favorite breweries Societe Brewing where he got us a little tipsy and a little off topic. So yes, we talk about Possessor, but we also talk about Star Wars and A League of Their Own. Seriously. Not gonna lie folks, this episode is all over the place! But grab a coldie, and have fun while the R&B crew picks Jake’s brain on the delicious beer Societe makes and wrap up with this wild ass movie.