Ep85 – The Big Lebowski

Now that we’re so close for this god-forsaken, no good year to finally wrap up; it was time for a little brevity by talking about a movie that we’ve loved since the first viewing which has since become a sort of a yearly tradition around these parts. Every Thanksgiving, you mix yourself that special blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and some cream, put on a bath robe, and commence the 109th time you’ve watched The Big Lebowski.

To mark this special occasion we brought back someone who embodies The Dude’s energy, Benny from 10 Barrel Brewing came back to dive in and celebrate this movie with us. He also brought a really special märzen along with him that is truly “Cosmic”. SO grab 2 beverages! That special cocktail The Dude enjoys, and a coldie, because they really tie the room together.