Ep86 – Christmas Vacation

Tis the season to have some beverages! And beverages we shall have to toast the last R&B episode of the year. To mark this special occasion and festive time of year, we decided to have a good time by celebrating a classic holiday film with our favorite bundle of pure chaos: The Griswold Family. We even brought out our own chaotic family Ben & Ryan to revel in how Clark is still alive despite the things that constantly happen to him.

A festive time deserves a festive beer, and this one is special! Another fantastic holiday beer from Utah comesRedrock Brewery and their “Griswold Holiday Ale”, a spiced, well balanced ale that will absolutely wreck you if you’re not careful with an 8.5% ABV.

Thank you to all who tuned in this year, as well as a big thank you to anyone who begrudgingly came on the show to spend some time with a couple of drunks. May 2021 not be the dumpster fire that 2020 was!