Ep91 – Psycho Goreman

YOU WILL TUNE INTO THIS EPISODE OR BE DESTROYED!!!! Nothing we could ever say can prepare you for what lies in store for those who watch Psycho Goreman. A movie that’s so bizarre that the R&B crew were divided on what to think about it. So we brought in help to clarify if we were watching a Power Rangers spin off, or just having good times with good brews.

Nate from Epic Brewing joins us yet again for a dive into the cosmic unknown, and he brought the beverages. We tackled the lemon grass variant of their delicious sour series Oak & Orchard, the peanut butter stout delight that is Midnight Munchies, and the cosmically mind blowing Creamsicle IPA. Grab a coldie, and join us on the journey that determines if the Earth is annihilated.