Recap Vol.4

We missed a few movies this summer, y’all. We apologize, but in the wise words of a certain Goldblum character: Life sometimes interrupts your plans to drink beer and chat movies. Apology accepted? Great! In Recap Vol.4 we cover the kaiju extravaganza Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and the wave of death that is John Wick Chapter 3. Grab a coldie, and lets talk about the mess that is Godzilla, and how Mr Wick can turn anything into a weapon. He kills a guy with a book. Seriously. A BOOK. How can you not watch that movie?

The beverage for this episode is an Oktoberfest style lager made by <a href=“”>Three Weavers Brewing</a>.  The non-IPA streak is picking up steam, so if you have any more fall / Oktoberfest style beers to recommend, hit us up here or on any of the social medias!

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