Reviews, Brews, & Friends: Lord of the Rings pt.3

Every journey has an end…

Now we knew this one was going to be extremely long (much like the extended editions of the films) – but we didn’t anticipate it going as long as it did. Our friend Christopher Doucet joined us and provided insight and conversations that would make an elf look their actual age. So, we thought about you, Dear Listeners, and broke it up into 3 parts for convenience sake. This episode concludes our series our own little trilogy and focuses on Return of the King. You will need a pint or 2, so grab it and let’s start walking to Mordor!

A long journey can work up quite the thirst, and our friends at Rip Current Brewing: “” were willing to take the challenge on with 2 brews: Lupilin Lust, a fierce west coast style double IPA) and Corriente Negra, an amber Mexican lager.